5 Things You Need to Know About Phishing Scams

Advances in technology not only help us but it can also harm us. Cybercrime is becoming more prevalent phishing-scam-alliance-security-teamand phishing scams are among the most common scams that threaten your security.

Here are 5 things you need to know about phishing scams:

#1 A Phishing Scam is defined as fraudulent emails that try to make you reveal personal information. Email addresses disguised as ones from your bank, Revenue Canada or any trusted source.

#2 Here are the statistics:

  • 9% of online Canadians have replied to spam mail unknowingly.
  • 7% have replied to spoof or phishing mail unknowingly.
  • 3% have entered bank details on a site they don’t know. That’s over 1 million Canadians! (source)

#3 The content within a phishing scam email is intended to cause a quick response from you. You’ve won or lost money for example is a commonly used scam. The email will often present a link to a fraudulent page that may look similar to a website you’ve visited before. This page will ask you to input your personal information. A good rule of thumb is, when in doubt call the company.

#4 Links to fraudulent websites are often used. Make sure to look at the destination URL of that link provided and see if it matches the actual company website.

#5 Everyone is at risk of a phishing scam so make sure to keep your anti-virus updated and do not open suspicious looking emails. Some email providers even have a way for you to select the email and then identify it as a phishing scam. 

Now that you know how to practice cyber-security, now it’s time to think about securing your home and/or business with an Alliance Alarms monitored security system! Call us today for a free estimate (613) 547-6666