12 Garage Security Tips

Your garage is where you store most of your most valuable outdoor gear. Your car, motorcycle, lawn mower, 12-garage-security-tips-alliance-security-teambicycle, kayak, canoe, sports equipment or anything else you use outdoors. Chances are that whatever is stored in your garage is valuable and you wouldn’t want anyone breaking in and stealing it.

How do you ensure the security of your garage?

Here are 12 Garage Security Tips for you to follow in order protect your garage from break-ins:

1) Don’t leave the garage door remote in your vehicle – If a thief breaks in to your car and steals the remote he has a way into your home.

2) Invest in a keychain remote opener – Don’t use the remote you can clip to your vehicle’s visor and get a keychain remote opener that you can leave on your keys.

3) Secure your garage door emergency release or throw some zip-ties on your emergency release and still retain its intended function.

4) Keep it locked – Put a deadbolt on the door between your house and garage.

5) Make sure the door from your garage into your house is as secure as your front door – Ensure you have a strong, sturdy door made out of solid-core wood or reinforced steel.

6) Don’t leave your garage door open –  It’s just inviting someone to pop their heads in and grab something.

7) Install a wide angle peep hole in the door between your house and your garage – You’ll at least be able to see what’s going on if you hear a strange noise; rather than opening the door to find out.

8) Frost or cover your garage windows – Don’t do thieves any favours by enabling them to see when your vehicle is gone, a better idea would be to replace the door with one that lacks windows.

9) Padlock the throw latch on your garage door when you’re out of town – If you don’t have a manual lock on your garage door, you can use a c-clamp tightened down on each side of the door track to effectively “lock” down the door. It’s similar to those small window track locks you can buy for your home interior windows.

10) Don’t neglect maintenance on the mechanical parts of your roll-up garage door and keep an eye out for corrosion. Don’t forget the door from your garage to your house; check the frame, locks, hinges and any replaceable items.

11) Detached garages, such as those used as shops or other out buildings are often neglected and should also be considered in your security assessment because they are also vulnerable to break-ins.

12) Install a CCTV system – This will ensure that if a burglar is successful at entering into your garage that you will have video evidence that you can provide the police to help them catch the criminal responsible. Also, with video surveillance installation by Alliance Alarms you will also receive signs indicating that your property is being monitored and this can act as a deterrent to burglars.

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