Is Your Alarm Code Secure?

This year, a “Leak List” of passwords from 2014 was revealed and it shows the most common passwords used alarm-code-secure-alliance-security-teamfor all matter of purposes. In 2014, the password “1234” was the #1 most commonly used password.

Common passwords are much easier for criminals to guess. This is why it’s so important to have a secure alarm code. Easily guessed passwords can make you and your family vulnerable to having your alarm code hacked.

Here is the Top 10 list of the most common numeric passwords according to DataGenetics.

1. 1234

2. 1111

3. 0000

4. 1212

5. 7777

6. 1004

7. 2000

8. 4444

9. 2222

10. 6969

Passwords like your birth date or year are also easily guessed passwords and should not be used. Passwords like 1234 have remained popular for a few years, therefore people are still vulnerable to their passwords being used by criminals.

If any of these passwords (or a variation of them) are your alarm code, please change it to ensure your family’s security. Once you’ve done that, be sure to update your alarm information with the alarm desk so we have the right information when you need us most.

Here are some other benefits to changing your alarm code:

  • Change your code periodically or program multiple codes that you can use anytime.
  • Most alarm systems can accommodate up to 30 or more codes and this makes it easier for multiple people to have their own code. This reduces the risk of forgetting your code because you can create your own rather than remembering a single code. It is also easier to remove a single persons code rather than one master code that arms the entire system.  
  • Continuous use of the same code can cause problems with the unit. The contacts underneath the keys can deteriorate after prolonged use and may result in needing to replace the keypad.
  • If using the same code all the time, it is sometimes easy to determine the 4 numbers used to arm/disarm and would allow a potential burglar to try the 4 digits and possibly figure out your code.

Check out our FAQ page for more helpful tips on how to operate your alarm system.

Section 5: How do I change my arm/disarm code

For DSC alarm systems the following procedure applies. (all other systems, please call service for instructions)
Enter the following at the keypad.
*, 5, current master code, 40, new 4 digit master code, #, #
If the green light is on, enter the new 4 digit code to confirm operation. Enter it again to disarm the system.
Once you’ve updated your alarm code, call the monitoring station at (613) 547-6060. Identify yourself and have your account number and PIC available to give to the operator. You can then update your information with the operator.