Alliance Alarms Welcomes a New Member to Our Team!

We would like to welcome Security Specialist Chris Corbeil to our team!Chris-Corbeil-alliance-security-team

Tell me a little bit about yourself.

I’m a very handy person, I like to build and I like to create. I’m always trying to do home improvements around the house. I have two beautiful daughters- ages 4 and 6 – and a terrific wife. My wife will see something on Pinterest and I will try and create it for her. I just finished some built-ins for the family room and there’s some holiday projects I’ve got to finish. I promised a Lego table for the girls so I’ve got to get that done!

Where are you from, regionally?

Born and raised in Kingston. Went to school at St. Lawrence College. I moved away for a while and started working in Toronto for a few years and then came back around 2005.

What did you take in school?

I took Electronics Engineering. I gravitated toward the technician-based learning. It was pretty extensive, from computers to electronic components, I learned quite a lot.

How long have you worked in the alarms/security business?

For over 13 years, since 2001. I’ve always been involved with security. For a couple of years I was doing more HVAC control and automation that sort of thing, while still doing a little bit of the security though, I’ve always been in the technology industry. Working in commercial control/automation and that paired nicely with security, which it does for today’s home.

What do you enjoy about working in this business?

It’s always changing, the technology is fantastic. It’s really growing into something that everybody wants now. It used to be sort of a dream to automate your home or have a security system and now automation is within grasp – security has become a necessity. It’s exciting to be on the end of the technology where you’re securing things, protecting assets, protecting people and it’s ever-changing. There’s always something new or improved.

What types of things motivate you?

From a professional standpoint, it’s problem-solving. Sometimes a client won’t know how to achieve something, they know what they want from a security aspect and I like solving that problem for them. It’s kind of putting that puzzle together. Sometimes the puzzles are not very complicated and sometimes they’re a little more intricate. It’s kind of like using Lego when I was a kid…Lego paid off!

What types of things are you hoping to bring to the Alliance team?

I’d like to bring a positive enhancement. I love being part of the team already, they’ve been very welcoming. I hope to continue growing their business and continuing to serve all of our clients the best way I can. I want to take everything to the next level.

What attracted you to this company?

It was the technology it has, being local and the personnel is great. I’ve been able to talk to Bob Smith (Operations Manager) on previous occasions and I’ve always respected him. Alliance has a great reputation in this city.

Join us in welcoming Chris to our team!!