Daylight Savings Time: Time to Spring Ahead 1 Hour & Test Your Alarms

Daylight Savings Time begins Sunday March 8th. This means you will be setting your clocks ahead by oneStandard-Keypad-alliance-security-team hour. This is the perfect time of year to test your life safety devices (Smoke or Carbon Monoxide Detectors, Fire Alarms, etc.) and make sure they are functioning properly.

Also, be sure to change the batteries in any life safety devices if necessary. However, if your life safety devices aren’t battery powered test them and make they work.

With a life safety device installed by Alliance Alarms you don’t have to worry about changing the batteries. Our devices are powered directly by the alarm system or have batteries that are supervised and we are notified when they need to be changed.

This time of year is also a great time to conduct a fire drill.

Make sure to replace any Smoke or CO alarms that are past their expiration date. The expiry date can be found on the outside of the device, under the cover or on the back of the life safety device.

To change the time on your DSC Security System follow these simple steps:

  • Press *, 6
  • Enter the Master Code
  • Press 1
  • Use a 24-hour clock or military time (e.g. 1145 = 11:45am or 2030 = 8:30pm)
  • Press #,# to exit to ready mode

Check out this video for more tips! Changing/Restoring the Time on Your DSC Security System

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