FLY FM Announces Launch of the Youth Diversion Sustainability Fund

CREATION-OF-THE-YOUTH-DIVERSION-PROGRAM-SUSTAINABILITY-FUNDIn December 2012, Alliance Alarms created the Youth Diversion Program Sustainability Fund.  The fund is designed to help fund the organization long term and is managed by the Community Foundation of Kingston and Area.  Click the link  below to listen to the radio interview by Shauna Cunningham and Brian Scott of FLY FM and Daren Dougall the Executive Director of  The Youth Diversion Program.  To donate to this fund please contact Daren Dougall of the  Youth Diversion Program at 613-548-4535, myself Brad French of Alliance Alarms at 613-547-6666, or the Community Foundation of Kingston and Area at 613-546-9696.

Enjoy the short audio clip!

Youth Diversion Program Radio Interview with Fly FM