How to Reduce False Alarms

According to Digital Security Controls (DSC), 97% of alarms are false alarms! That’s a huge percentage of reduce-false-alarms-alliance-security-teamwasted public money and emergency respondent time.

Here are some more reasons why preventing false alarms is so important:

  • By-Laws and False Alarms – False Alarms can also result in fines administered by your local police department. There are significant fines for false alarms and/or unregistered alarm systems. Be sure to check with your local municipality to see if you’re in an area that has alarm registration by-laws. Inexperience around proper alarm system installation could cause you to have nuisance alarms that falsely trigger. You can expect to pay upwards of $185 in fines to the police for a false alarm. Check out the Kingston By-Law Regulations hereFalse alarms may also result in annoyed neighbors and waking yourself or your family up in the middle of the night.
  • Neighbors Ignoring Your Alarm – If your alarm triggers periodically, your neighbors will become less inclined to investigate and alert the authorities.

What causes false alarms and how they can be prevented:

  • Forgetting Your Passcode – False alarms can be caused by entering an incorrect passcode. Pick a code that you can easily remember but make sure it’s a secure code that is not easily guessed by someone else. Avoid writing it down and placing it somewhere where it can be found.
  • Ensure Everyone Knows How to Use the Alarm – Make sure that everyone in your home knows how to arm and disarm the alarm system. Conduct training sessions on a regular basis to ensure that everyone remembers how to use the security system.
  • Keep the Monitoring Station Phone Number Handy – Ensure everyone using the security system knows the phone number to the Monitoring Station. If you have a false alarm, you can contact them directly and inform them that it’s a false alarm and to not dispatch emergency services. *Note – Ensure to inform the Monitoring Station if you’re going on vacation, remodeling your home, if you have intentions to sell your home, etc.
  • Check and Change the Alarm System Batteries. 
  • Test Your Alarm System – Test your system regularly and inform the Monitoring Station if you plan to do so.

 For more tips, check our this video: DSC – False Alarm Prevention Demonstration

Please consult our FAQ page which details what to do if you accidentally set off your alarm system.