Interactive Security System Keeps Pipes from Freezing

On January 9 2014, at 5:43pm, I received a text message indicating that our company founders thermostat had dropped below 52 degrees F/12 degrees C. I had programmed this function into the Interactive system that we had installed in the summer of 2013 so that I would be aware of any problems with the system and as an added safeguard in case our founder was unavailable. In this instance, the intended plan worked to perfection. I had logged into the online system and confirmed that the interactive system was functioning properly and determined that it must be an on-site issue either with the furnace or fuel source. I notified our founders daughter who lives in close proximity and she attended the site and did confirm that the oil tank was empty. She was able to contact the oil company and the nearest available On-Call driver made the delivery. The delivery was made from Ottawa in rather poor conditions and took longer than usual, but the end result was achieved. This could have ended quite poorly with frozen pipes and extensive water damage, but with the interactive system in place and the ability to immediately access the system for information made for a happy ending. This system really is a great idea for just about anyone, but for snow birds in particular it is a must!

Bob Smith, Operations Manger

Alliance Alarms / 401 Security


Text received from interactive alarm system.


Using my iPhone app, I was able to determine that there was an actual problem.