Pet Immune Motion Detectors

With your security system installed, you trust it to trigger only when there is an emergency. Not only bosch-tri-tech-pet-immune-detector-alliance-security-teambecause you want it to protect you and your family but also to reduce false alarms (which can come with fines). You may have lights or video surveillance cameras that are only triggered by movement: motion detectors.

However, what if you have a pet at home? In order to prevent your pet from triggering your security system you must use Pet Immune Motion Detectors.


What are Pet Immune Motion Detectors?

They are devices that disregard the motion caused by animals usually of a certain weight. They also can use Passive Infrared (PIR) motion detector technology to monitor changes in heat in designated areas.

These devices reduce the chances of a false alarm. This can save you the aggravation and monetary fines that can come from false alarms.

Features vary by model and manufacturer.

Those without a Pet/Animal Immune Motion Detector sometimes stop arming their security systems for fear of their pet triggering a false alarm. Therefore, they make their homes vulnerable to burglars. A Pet Immune Motion Detector gives you the freedom and peace of mind knowing that your pet can roam about your home freely and not trigger an alarm. Your security system will be more reliable so when an alarm is triggered there will be no doubt that it is an emergency.


What does Alliance Alarms use?

We use DSC motion detectors because of their high quality and reliability. They are a basic system and are pet immune.

We also use Bosch Tri-Tech motion detectors for the temperature compensations. If a detector is placed in a cold warehouse, garage, etc., heat fluctuations can affect performance.

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