Protect Your Business from Flood Damage this Spring

The spring thaw is upon us. Warmer temperatures raise everyone’s spirits after this brutal winter. However, Flood-detector-alliance-security-teamthese warmer temperatures also mean the thawing of snow and ice. This winter saw record breaking temperature lows in most of the country. Therefore, all that frost and ice that accumulated this winter will melt and begin to wreak havoc on your foundation.

Damage in a building due to flooding is one of the top claims to insurance companies. Not only can water completely destroy precious mementos but it can also wreak havoc with structural items such as floors, walls and electrical systems. Flood damage issues are expensive to fix and can increase future insurance rates. Early detection can easily save on insurance claims and reduce the hassle of costly repairs.

The Flood Monitoring add-on device from Alliance Alarms monitors the water level at the lowest point of your foundation and sends out a notification signal if water surpasses that level. Never worry again about coming back to a flooded and damaged workplace! The monitoring station will notify you immediately so arrangements can be made quickly to solve the problem.

The DSC Flood Detector senses the presence of water in basements, bathrooms, kitchen and numerous other areas where water may leak or flood, prompting advance warning of potential flooding.

This device is designed to be immune to false triggers. If the detector is damaged in any way it will instantly send a signal to our monitoring station. It also will notify us if its battery is low.

This device comes in both hardwired and wireless versions.

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