Security Systems Are Not Just About Catching Burglars

Have you ever thought about the sump pump in your basement flooding while you’re away? How about yoursecurity-systems-are-not-just-about-catching-burglars-alliance-alarms commercial freezer system failing while you’re away from work?

A security system will not only arm your home or business with 24/7 monitoring for burglars, it can also be used for a variety of different things as well. Like monitoring Mother Nature!

For Your Home:

Flood Monitoring – This can be added on to your existing home security system. Have a sump pump? Don’t take the risk of having it fail when the power goes out while you’re away! This add-on device monitors the water level at the lowest point of your homes’ foundation and sends out a notification signal if water surpasses that level. Never worry again about coming home to a flooded and damaged basement! The monitoring station will notify you immediately so arrangements can be made quickly to solve the problem.

Environmental Monitoring – Winter is fast approaching and temperatures will be falling below zero soon enough! Protect your home from the nasty surprise of frozen pipes by using this add-on. This device will closely monitor the temperature of your home. If your home heating appliance fails, this security system will send a signal to the monitoring station and you will be notified immediately before your pipes freeze!

For  Your Business:

Along with Flood and Environmental Monitoring, there are also a couple of other security system features that will help protect your business and give you peace of mind!

Freezer System Monitoring – If you own a restaurant or any business with a commercial freezer system, chances are you’re storing valuable products and inventory in those freezers. That being said, if your freezer system were to fail; that could mean substantial profit-loss for your business. With this security monitoring system, the temperature in your industrial freezer systems will be monitored. You can create a preset warning of your choice and the monitoring station will notify you in case the system fails, saving you the grief of arriving the next morning to damaged products and profit-loss.

Power Failure Monitoring – If the power goes out, you will receive a notification immediately so you can react quickly and take measures to prevent product-loss.

Security systems are not exclusively about preventing break-ins or vandalism, home and business monitoring can help protect you from all kinds of challenges life throws your way!

All of the services listed above are available with Alliance Alarms. Call Tom today at (613) 547-6666 and find out how you can protect your home or business from Mother Nature this winter. We offer a free on-site estimate of your security needs! Check out our other promotions as well!