The Advantages of an Access Control Security System

Before we discuss the advantages of an access control security system we should first explain a little bit about access-control-system-alliance-security-teamhow it works.

Electric locks are installed on the doors, along with a proximity reader to read your key fob, key tag or card. This key will either lock or unlock your doors as instructed by the security software.

Once the hardware is installed, a communication link is established between the server and controller. Administrators or Owners of the security system can then program the system to allow users access to their home or business, either during pre-determined time frames or 24/7 depending on the level of security you require.

Each individual user who has been assigned accessibility privileges will have an ID unique to them which is programmed into the security system software. Access can be assigned to 100% of all locations on a secured premise or only certain locations can be assigned to each user. An example of this would be an employee who has access to unlock the front door of their place of work and their own personal office, but doesn’t have access to any other office in the building.

There are three types of keys that you can use with your access control system.

1) Key fob – a proximity tag encased in plastic that you can fasten on your keychain.

2) Key tag – a proximity tag with a sticky adhesive on the back that you can attach to your cellphone, wallet, basically anywhere.

3) Key card.

Now, let’s get to the advantages of having an access control system!

Commercial – If you own an industrial facility, or work in a government institution with hundreds of employees, an access control system can keep track of all users with security access far more efficiently than trying to manage a bunch of keys. With an ID and accompanying security access unique to each employee, it’s easy to be able to reference those privileges if need be (an audit trail for example). Also, if an employee is terminated, you (as the Owner) can also terminate their security access within a few seconds.

No more worrying about changing the locks on your doors, having locks re-keyed or trying to get a key back from someone.

In the event of an emergency, doors can be locked down our unlocked immediately in the event of an evacuation or fire alarm.

Residential – At home if a family member loses their key fob, key tag, or card the security access of that key can be removed immediately so there is risk of someone finding it and using it to break into your home. Also, temporary security access can be given to an individual – such as a babysitter or house-sitter – and then once their work is done, their access can be removed immediately.

You can set your security settings to have your key fob not only unlock the door when you use it but also turn off the security system.

You can also use your mobile device to arm your security system, manage who has security access and more!

Other common uses for an access control system include to keep a user audit trail or for controlled/scheduled access to specific doors and areas.

The possibilities of an access control security system are endless! Apple’s iPhone 6 has incorporated NFC (near field communications) technology into their phones. With your installed access control system and your smartphone in toe, your doors will unlock as you approach the premises. No more key readers, just simply walk in. This is the future of an access control system!

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