The Benefits of Environmental Monitoring for Your Home

Now that temperatures are falling and things are freezing up, it’s important to consider the threat of frozen security-systems-are-not-just-about-catching-burglars-alliance-alarmspipes if your heating appliance fails and how that can affect you and your family. This is a concern especially for those that travel south for the winter and leave their home for extended periods of time during the winter months. There are different options for 24-hour environmental monitoring that can be provided. There’s the standard set-up option using your phone line for communication or the other more advanced packages that do not require a phone line with the ability to remotely view the status of your home environment!

Here are some benefits of having Environmental Monitoring for your home.

Temperature Alerts

Temperature alerts for either fixed or pre-determined temperatures. Environmental monitoring will closely monitor the temperature of your home. If your home heating appliance fails, this security system will send a signal to the central monitoring station and you will be notified immediately. This can save your pipes from freezing and costing you money!

Flood/Water Detection

Flood/Water Detection for your sump pump or hot water tank. Environmental monitoring will monitor the water level at the low point of your foundation and will send out a notification if needed. Don’t take the risk of having your sump pump fail when the power goes out while you’re away! No need to worry about coming home to a flooded and damaged basement! The monitoring station will notify you immediately so arrangements can be made to quickly solve the problem.

CO Detectors and Smoke Alarms

With monitored Carbon Monoxide detectors and smoke alarms, help will be dispatched immediately if the alarm is triggered. With the use of additional heat sources such as wood stoves, it’s important to consider having your detectors monitored especially if you’re away from home. Your monitored device will send a signal to the central monitoring station if it’s been triggered and the fire department will be dispatched immediately. A bonus benefit to having your alarms monitored is that you will save on insurance by 5-20% depending on your carrier!

Mobile Access

Access your home environment remotely using a mobile device to check your homes temperature and alert history. You can receive alerts remotely wherever you are and if an alarm has been triggered, a notification will be sent to you with the response status from the central monitoring station. In this way, you will always be updated on the status of your home environment. Even while you’re away on vacation someplace warmer!

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