What to Do After a Break-In

Tips to Help You Through a Break-In

Break-ins: they’re an unfortunate occurrence in both homes and businesses and they happen far too often.What-to-Do-After-a-Break-In Perhaps you forgot to lock your doors and enable your alarm system or maybe you don’t have an alarm system installed. Whatever the case may be, a break-in can be a traumatic experience. This is especially true if it occurs in your home. Your home is meant to be a safe place that will protect your family and keep them safe. A stranger entering your home is one of the greatest violations of safety and privacy there is.

Here are a few tips about what you should do after a break-in:

Tip #1 – Upon arriving to the scene of the crime you must first assess the situation properly. The criminals responsible may still be present. If you have a cellular device, call the police before venturing any further inside. You may stay outside, or stay at a friend’s or relative’s home until the police arrive. Staying away will not only ensure your personal safety but it will also prevent the contamination of any possible evidence that police can collect.

Tip #2 – Once it’s been determined that the premises are safe, evaluate exactly what has been stolen and inform the police. Your insurance company may also require this information if you want to submit a claim.

Tip #3 – You’ll then need to repair any damage caused by the crime. If your doors or windows have been tampered with be sure to repair them and reinforce all locks to make sure they are secure. It may also be helpful to replace your locks with more secure dead bolts. Make sure your windows lock and cannot be opened from the outside.

Tip #4 – This is the time to ensure you eliminate any weaknesses your home or business security system has. Calling your services support team is a must to make sure any failings in your system are repaired. If you do not have a security system in place, this is the time to have one installed. If your security system only protects certain areas of your home or business (just the bottom floor exclusively) perhaps it’s time to consider expanding your security coverage by adding additional security cameras. Our security professionals will provide you with a FREE in-house estimate of your security needs with no obligation to buy. For more information on how to keep your home or business safe please visit our website.

Stay safe.