Why You Need a Video Surveillance System

Video cameras: they’re almost synonymous with security systems and burglar alarm systems. But did you alliance-alarms-video-surveillance-signknow that there are two different kinds?

1) Traditional or Hard Wired Video Surveillance System – These cameras can be installed on the interior or exterior of your home or business. They can be used to provide surveillance of your driveway or parking lot, enter/exit doors (front doors, garage doors, back doors, etc.). Maybe you want to watch your garage, tool shed or even your pool; not only for safety purposes but also for liability reasons.

The variety of camera options to choose from are endless! A traditional video surveillance system is a robust system that will hold out against harsh weather conditions. They also provide great night viewing and are vandal-resistant.

At Alliance Alarms, we have the latest in I.P. High Definition technology for these video camera systems. We also offer hard wired analog solutions in certain applications.

2) Wireless Video Surveillance System – These cameras can be married to mobile devices, personal computers, tablets, you name it! These cameras are typically used for general observation purposes. Like, watching your driveway or parking lot in the winter to see if the snow has been removed. While you’re on vacation, you can watch a live feed of your wireless camera! You could also use it to see if anyone has been picking up your mail while you’re away.

This wireless system can be connected to your existing alarm system so not only will you have a 24 hour live video feed but also 24 hour central station monitoring all on one account!

Protect your home or businesses assets, prize possessions and most importantly yourself and your family.

Professional signage from a reputable security company will also act as an effective deterrent to criminals and vandals.

No matter which video surveillance system you choose; at Alliance Alarms you will receive a tried and tested quality product, 3-5 year warranty, 24 hour on call service and professionally installed by our own people. We strive to balance cost and value. We provide professional-grade systems, installed by a Canadian Accredited Security Contractor. We ensure it’s the best value that we can possibly provide to you before we put our name on it.

At our professional local security company, we can offer the same security solutions as national companies but we do it locally in your home town!

Click here to watch examples of live video from our interactive partner Teleguard.

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