A Guide To Home Automation Products

If you’re just getting started with home automation, the variety of options out there can be a little overwhelming. Starting with the best home automation products will help you narrow down your choices and maximize your results.

Smart smoke and carbon monoxide detector system – With one of these systems in your home, you’ll receive an alert on your smart phone when the alarm goes off. Some systems can even tell you which room the smoke or CO is coming from. This way if your kids or pets are home alone, you can contact someone to check on them immediately.

Light control switches – For simple convenience, it’s hard to beat the ability to schedule your lights to come on at sunset so you don’t have to stop what you’re doing. These switches also help with safety and security by letting you time your porch light to turn on just before you come home or program your house lights to turn on and off randomly while you’re on vacation.

Smart home thermostat – In addition to letting you program your heating and cooling system to run at energy-saving temperatures, these thermostats can also be controlled remotely. If you decide to come home early one hot summer afternoon, you can override your schedule remotely to turn on the A/C and arrive to a nice, cool house.

Energy monitoring system – This system gives you a visual representation of how much energy you’re using and where you’re using it so you can manage your energy use easily and precisely. You can tell exactly how much your habits, such as falling asleep with the TV on or forgetting to change your HVAC filter, are costing you. You’ll also be able to control your appliances online.

Security cameras – One of the best home automation products for safety, an automated security camera system lets you remotely monitor what’s going on in your home. You can oversee package deliveries, watch what your kids are up to, and keep an eye on your pet and pet sitter when you’re on vacation. Footage can also help you with home owner’s insurance claims by providing evidence when the damage wasn’t your fault.

The best home automation products are the ones you’ll actually use. With just a few wise choices, you can have a safer, more secure, and easier-to-manage home.