New Homeowner? Here’s Three Ways to Secure Your Investment

Just like an efficient HVAC system and fully-functional plumbing, an interactive home alarm and security system is a household necessity today, not a luxury. If you’ve just purchased a house, you’re probably in a new neighborhood or even a completely new city and perhaps feeling uncertain. Home alarm and security systems can help make your new house a home by installing safety and peace of mind. Here are three ways to secure your investment.

1. Intrusion Detection
Interviews with convicted burglars reveal that the majority specifically check for intrusion detection devices before attempting to break in. More than half report changing their mind if they see that a security system is installed. Effective intrusion detection includes door and window sensors, motion detectors and glass breakage sensors. All can be incorporated into a basic security system that also hosts a variety of other devices.

2. Disaster Protection
Natural and man-made events can threaten your house as well as occupants and possessions. A comprehensive security strategy includes a smart system that integrates sensors and detectors to alert you to threats like smoke and fire, interior flooding, loss of electrical power, carbon monoxide and indoor temperature extremes. Immediate warning of these events allows you to take appropriate action to safeguard your family and mitigate damage.

3. Remote Monitoring
Knowing the security status of your home—even when you’re away from home—enhances peace of mind. Surveillance cameras accessible from any smartphone, tablet, or computer provide you with live video views of your house and property from anywhere in the world. Smart devices can instantly text you with information about an intrusion or a threat such as fire. Depending on the system installed, alarms can be remotely armed or disarmed, lights turned on or off, and indoor temperatures can be monitored and adjusted.

Buying your first house is a milestone and should be celebrated! By adding security to your Homeowner’s Checklist, you’re able to protect your asset and ensure the safety of those you are building a home with.