Protect Your New Home or Business from Metal Theft

The theft of metal from electrical wiring freshly installed at a new home or commercial facility to larger-scalealliance-alarms-video-surveillance-sign thefts like copper ground wires from hydro station hubs is a crime that’s increasing.

New residential homes and commercial buildings are the most vulnerable.  Solar facilities are also at risk with thieves stealing large quantities of solar panels.

In order to protect yourself from being a victim of this increasing crime, consider installing a video surveillance system and motion detectors to detect activity. 

Residential Surveillance Systems – Not only does a video surveillance system provide safety but they also function to provide liability protection.

There are Hard Wired Options that can be installed outside your home. They have great night viewing and are vandal-resistant.

There are also Wireless Options that allow you to view your surveillance footage remotely from your mobile device. This is helpful for when you are away from your home while on vacation or to check-in during the daytime while you’re at work.

Commercial Surveillance Systems – Your business, Hydro Station or Solar Facility may be in a remote location and not frequented often by employees therefore making your location vulnerable to theft. Here are some video surveillance options to consider:

Hard Wired Video Surveillance – These cameras can be placed on the interior or exterior of your business or office building. You can have them installed to face the parking lot, underground garage or enter/exit doors (front door, garage door, back door, etc.). Alliance Alarms cameras are durable and vandal-resistant. They also provide excellent night-vision.

Wireless Video Surveillance – These can be married to mobile devices, personal computers, tablets, iPads, etc. They are used for general observation purposes. Wireless cameras provide a simple solution to check the location while you and your staff are away.

They provide a live video feed which you can view remotely from anywhere with your mobile device! 

With Alliance Alarms, this surveillance system can be connected with your existing alarm system. Therefore, not only will you have a 24-hour live video feed from your wireless camera but also 24-hour central station monitoring as well!

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