Why Choose Local For Your Security System

There are so many options when you’re looking to purchase or upgrade your security system. From telecommunications companies entering the sector to smaller firms, to heading to the big box store to DIY- there is an abundance of options.

When you’re looking at security systems, you need to think about the up-front cost, as well as the maintenance of the equipment. An average system lasts more than 5 years- and what happens if you need to change or maintain your system? Are you going to be able to troubleshoot your DIY system and can you reach support any time of day?

Alliance Security Team believes that choosing local just makes sense over the lifetime of your system.


  1. We are transparent in our pricing.

    The phrase “If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is” also applies to security systems. Low sign up rates, promotional offers, and freebies are awesome. However, they tend to be for only a portion of your contract. When you start to look at the fine print, that awesome deal- doesn’t make a lot of sense when you’re stuck with higher than expected rates and cancellation fees. Alliance Security Team makes sure our clients understand the complete cost- whether leasing to own or buying outright, there’s no sticker shock throughout your contract with us.

  2. Service is our Specialty.

    Your alarm system was installed, the technician has left, and everything is working well. Until there’s a time change, or a trouble on the system- they happen. Waiting on hold, or chatting into larger companies can be a challenge, and a DIY system means scouring forums or Facebook groups for troubleshooting. Alliance has dedicated service technicians with over 20 years’ experience, Alarm Desk personnel to walk you through the problem, and a chat- with a real person on the other end to help. We don’t just care about the sale, we care about the client, and their continued satisfaction.

  3. We’re in the community.

It’s not the large businesses that help to make our community better. Your big box DIY system doesn’t know what it’s like to live in Eastern Ontario.  It’s places like Alliance who run toy and food drives, contribute to Youth Diversion, and quietly fund raise as a small team. We’re working to make Kingston and area a better place for everyone. Our team has kids in local schools, team members serving lunches for the homeless on the weekends, and who coach soccer.


We’re a city that prides itself on local, from the farmer’s markets, the food scene, the musicians and makers that come out of Kingston. Why not choose local for your security provider as well? With over 70 years in the community, Alliance Security Team has been the security provider of choice.